October 2019

Rector Rojas Aravena visited UNIPACE Roma

Our Rector, prof. Francisco Rojas Aravena and our President, eng. Gianni Cara

Interview – Rector Rojas Aravena, President Gianni Cara, the Head of Department of Journalism and Media, dr. Giustino Fabrizio, dr.ssa Nina Fabrizio, journalist at ANSA!

Our Rector and prof. Antonio Caramelli

Our Rector and prof.ssa Alessandra Schettino

Our Rector and dr.ssa Nina Fabrizio

An intense head shot: our Rector discussing about the current situation in Chile, his homeland

Our Rector Francisco Rojas Aravena International University for Peace Rome

Francisco Rojas Aravena

Our Rector and our President, representing respectively Upeace and Unipace

President Gianni Cara’s Welcome

Launching our Belt and Road Program (BRI Program): dr.ssa Eugenia Ragazzo, prof.ssa Alessandra Schettino, rector Rojas Aravena, president Gianni Cara

International University for Peace Heads of Department and in the front row, dr.ssa Lili Cara, President’s wife, and Rector’s wife