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Feb 2020


Today our Vice president, Alessandra Schettino and our General Secretary, Gen. Mario Giambrone visited Huawei headquarters in Rome.
In the picture, they are with Huawei President, Eng. Luigi de Vecchis and Eng. Thomas Miao, Ceo of Huawei Group


Jan 2020


Prof. Ruffa and Prof. Ripa during the “Laser in Aesthetic Medicine” Advanced Training Course held at the L.Spallanzani Hospital in Rome

Jan 2020

Yesterday President Eng. Gianni Cara and the General Manager of Cirps, Prof. Eng. Vincenzo Naso signed a cooperation agreement between Unipace Roma and Cirps.

CIRPS (Interuniversity Research Centre for Sustainable Development) is an Interuniversity Research Center that brings together experts in sustainable development and Sustainability Science CIRPS is constituted of 100 distinguished permanent members, including full Professors, outstanding researchers and professional technicians, representing 25 Universities who have signed the Centre’s Founding Convention. CIRPS also benefits from the scientific supports of 170 Associate Members, all of whom are either Professors of Aggregate Universities or are highly-specialized independent experts.

Agreement Unipace and Cirps – Roma

Dec 2019

5th edition MED – Rome

From competition to collaboration in the MENA region: recomposing the geopolitical puzzle.
The President Gianni Cara, the Vice President Alessandra Schettino, Dr.ssa Eugenia Ragazzo and Prof. Dr. Gao Shuai

Prof. Gao Shuai e Dr. Wu Hongbo, rappresentante speciale del governo cinese per gli affari europei


Nov 2019

Premio Capo Circeo 2019

The ‘Capo Circeo‘ is one of the most prestigious awards in Europe. It promotes the strengthening of the sovereignty of the European Union, particularly in the field of culture, foreign policy, and defense.
Under the sign of the mythical symbol of the origins of Western civilization, the ‘Europen Prize Capo Circeo‘ continues with Circe, in the new work by sculptor Alessandro Marrone, the previous story to honor men and women of all Europe and of other cultures that are engaged in the most diverse activities for reconciliation, peace, the integration of their peoples and coexistence with other peoples in understanding the righteous others.
Among the past protagonists, we find Helmut Kohl, Giscard d’Estaing, Angela Merkel, Hans George Gadamer, Claudio Abbado, Daniel Barenboim, Joaquin Navarro-Valls, the CERN.

XXXVIII 2019 edition at Biblioteca Casanatense in Rome, our President, prof. eng. Gianni Cara got the award from the Copresident, prof. dr. Enea Franza  Congratulations!

Nov 2019

Let us introduce Mattia Marotta, our first freshman of the course ‘Industry 4.0‘. We just wanted to say to him: Best Luck!

Oct 2019

Vatican City

President Gianni Cara and Rector Francisco Rojas Aravena met Pope Francis.

Peace on earth to men of good Will!


Ottobre 2019

Rector Rojas Aravena visited UNIPACE Roma

Our Rector, prof. Francisco Rojas Aravena and our President, eng. Gianni Cara

Interview – Rector Rojas Aravena, President Gianni Cara, the Head of Department of Journalism and Media, dr. Giustino Fabrizio, dr.ssa Nina Fabrizio, journalist at ANSA!

Our Rector and prof. Antonio Caramelli

Our Rector and prof.ssa Alessandra Schettino

Our Rector and dr.ssa Nina Fabrizio

An intense head shot: our Rector discussing about the current situation in Chile, his homeland

Our Rector Francisco Rojas Aravena International University for Peace Rome

Francisco Rojas Aravena

Our Rector and our President, representing respectively Upeace and Unipace

President Gianni Cara’s Welcome

Launching our Belt and Road Program (BRI Program): dr.ssa Eugenia Ragazzo, prof.ssa Alessandra Schettino, rector Rojas Aravena, president Gianni Cara

International University for Peace Heads of Department and in the front row, dr.ssa Lili Cara, President’s wife, and Rector’s wife

Oct 2019

#silkroad #onebeltoneroad #beltroadinitiative @UNIPACE ROMA

Congrats to prof. Michele De Gasperis, ‘proud to inaugurate Istituto Italiano OBOR Sales Office in Beijing’


Prof. De Gasperis with Mr. Zhang Bin – Gummy Future Education Consulting Co.LTD – who signed the agreement to enroll the first 20 Chinese students to the International University for Peace, Rome BRI PROGRAM.


Our first fresh(WO)man

Oct 2019

IFA (International Forensic Academy) course inauguration

The Advanced Training Course in Forensic Sciences combines and encompasses a multidisciplinary program, able to provide the cognitive and operational tools necessary to operate in the criminology / criminal field 

July 2019

BRI Program – kick off

President Gianni Cara, Prof.ssa Alessandra Schettino and Prof. Giuliano Luongo meet the students of Tamkang University (Taiwan) and their professor, Mr. Cheng Chin-Mo.

Jun 2019

President Gianni Cara at the event Organized by the Embassy of Uruguay on the occasion of the commemorative day of the 255th  Anniversary of the birth of José Gervasio Artigas, National Hero

July 2019


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