Il 30 Aprile 2020 alle ore 11:00

Higher Education in HR Management – UniPace Onu
Each of us changes continuously every day. Nothing is immutable. Nothing today is like yesterday. Nothing tomorrow will be like today. So we want to discuss how this #Pandemic will bring #change, on different psychic and organizational, personal and social levels.

Not the others, but # us. How we have changed and how we plan to improve in the relationship with ourselves. With our company / organization. With our company.

We will talk about this and much more during the webinar on Thursday 30/04 from 11:00 to 13:00, conducted by

#Raffaele Ferragina – General Manager of Profexa and will see as guests who will be part of the important project that will start in September, the first Advanced Training Course in HR Management – UniPace Onu

Raffaele K Salinari – Doctor, Professor, member of the board of Save the Children Italy

Giorgio Nardone – Psychotherapist, Lecturer – Strategic Therapy Center

#SoniaMalaspina – HR Director Danone SN South Europe

Diego Parassole – comedian, trainer and coach

Ivano Spano – Unipd Professor and Councilor at the International University for Peace – Rome, UN

#Alessandra Schettino – Vice-President of the International University for Peace – Rome, UN

Marco Bentivogli – National Secretary General of the National Fim Cisl

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