Academy Staff

  Faculty directory

Department of Law

D/1) International Diplomacy – ambassador Achille Franco Luigi Amerio

D/2) Human Rights, Immigration Law, Cooperative Law – prof. Paolo Iafrate

D/3) Comparative Environmental Law – prof.ssa Emilia Colaiuta

D/4) International Law of Peace – prof. Antonio Ricci

Department of Economics

E/1) Economic Policies for Development – prof. Valerio Malvezzi

E/2) Economy of Migration  – prof. Enzo Rossi

E/3) Economics and Ethical Finance – prof. Enea Franza

E/4) Economy of the Third Sector – prof. Domenico Iannello

E/5) International Economic Policies for Energy and for Environment – prof. Angelo Deiana

E/6) Microfinance – prof. Paolo Nicoletti

Department of Environment and Land

AT/1) Risk Management Systems – prof. Claudio Margottini

AT/2) Agricultural Policies – prof. Luca Marcora

AT/3) Bio Diversity Policies – prof. Enrico Martinoli

AT/4) Land Redevelopment and Resource Enhancement – prof. Luca Talamona

AT/5) Environmental Design – prof. Ernesto Giuffrè

AT/6) Sustainability Sciences – prof. Giuliano Luongo

Department of Media and Social Sciences

MS/1) Peace Management Policies – prof. Franco Vaccari

MS/2) Journalism and Communication – prof. Giampiero Valenza

MS/3) Ethics – prof. Massimo Losito

MS/4) Politics of Religions – prof. Franco Pittau

MS/5) Journalism and Communication 4.0 – dr. Giustino Fabrizio

Department of Health Sciences

SS/1) Psychology – prof.ssa Barbara Gasparella

SS/2) Dr. Maurizio Lupardini

SS/3) Dott.ssa Maria Carta

SS/4) Health Policy and Management – prof. Aldo Morrone

SS/5) International Organisation of Health Care – prof.ssa Anna Clerico

SS/6) Medicine in Crisis Areas – prof. Andrea Tasca

SS/7) Emergency Health Planning – prof. Enrico Oliva

Department of Artificial Intelligence

AI/1) Artificial Intelligence – Dott. Giovanni Romeo

AI/2) Information Law – prof. Massimiliano Nicotra 

AI/3) Artificial Intelligence – Dott. Antonio Caramelli

Department of Pedagogy and Educational Research

RE/1) Education and Innovation – prof.ssa Alessandra Schettino

RE/2) Sinological Studies – prof.ssa Daniela Caruso

RE/3) Social Studies  – prof.ssa Grazia Zimmaro

Department of Criminology

CR/1) Criminology – prof.ssa Marica Palmisano

CR/2) Criminology – generale Mario Giambrone 

CR/3 Criminology – prof. Edoardo Schina

Department of OBOR

OBOR/1) Head of Department – prof. Michele De Gasperis

OBOR/2) OBOR Project dr. Simone Gasbarri

Scientific Committee

Scientific Committe Chair: prof. Aldo Morrone – scientific director Ospedale San Gallicano Roma

Scientific Committee Members : dr. Domenico Oriani, prof. Franco Vaccari, prof.ssa Anna Clerico, dr. Luca Marcora, amb. Achille Amerio, prof. Claudio Margottini, prof. Andrea Tasca, Prof.ssa Maria Grazia Masella

Ethics Committee

President: prof. Francisco Rojas Aravena

Committee Members: prof. Jan Carlos Sainz Borgo, prof. Paolo Iafrate, Gen. Mario Giambrone

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